Dialectial Behaviour Therapy or DBT for short is a therapy designed by a therapist called Marsha Linehan, she personally battles with BPD so when she designed DBT she knew what would work best for our issues.

DBT works on reducing our self harm and suicidal behaviours, improving our interpersonal relationships, stablizing our emotions and moods, and improving our distress intolarance.

There are 4 modules of DBT

Mindfulness – this is usually taught first and practiced before each group and at the end of each group session.
Emotional Regulation
Distress Tolarance
Interpersonal Relationships

These modules are usually taught in a group setting once a week for a set time. You also see a one to one therapist during the week to discuss whats been happening for you and to help you with skills coaching. It is during these times you will do a chain anaylsis. This is where you give your problem behaviour and what happened, then you’re shown what skills you could have used and where. These may be tedious at first and really annoying and may make you want to stop your sessions but they do work and do help you to realise where your going wrong and how to rectify things before they go wrong again. In your 1:1 sessions you will also discuss your diary card and any issues your having in group.

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