Self Care

Looking after your self is a must when it comes to reducing your distress and vulnerability factors. By ensuring you are looking after yourself you are reducing the risk of a relapse and ending up in a crisis.

How your diet affects your BPD – Eating Disorders and BPD co exist so eating healthily can be a distressing task. Making sure a healthy meal plan is followed, eating breakfast is a must, it is the most important meal for a reason, it kick starts your metabolism and gives you the needed energy for the morning. Eating healthy meals can help make sure you get the vital vitamins and minerals are needed. Avoid drinking too much caffeine and alcohol as these can increase the intense emotional distress that a person diagnosed with BPD experience, they also increase the vulnerability and susceptibility to triggers.

How lack of sleep affects BPD – Lack of sleep can make anyone ratty and irritable but can also intensify emotions in a person diagnosed with BPD. Getting healthy amounts of sleep will mean you wake refreshed and more positive for the day ahead. Going to bed and waking up at a set time each day will ensure that you get into a routine and your body will become used to going to bed at those times. This will also reduce the chance of insomnia.

Lack of exercise affects your BPD – Doing some gentle exercise which gets your heart pumping and you feel slightly out of breath, releases endorphins which make you feel good. Some times when feeling depressed a person diagnosed with BPD don’t want to do anything, but using DBT skills and acting opposite to their feelings and emotions makes a big difference in the distress levels. Exercise can also help you to safely and healthily lose any weight or help maintain the weight you are at now.

Abusing medications/not being compliant in BPD – Being compliant with medications and taking them at the right times and correct dosage will ensure your symptoms which are being treated by medication remain treated. By skipping doses or stopping medications altogether you run the risk of relapse of your symptoms and becoming unwell. By abusing prescription medications you risk causing damage to your body which is dangerous and potentially life threatening. You can also gain a dependence on certain medications which is detrimental for your recovery and can increase your vulnerability factors.

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