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Its a horrible place to be in when you are feeling suicidal, you cant see anyway out or any future; life just doesn’t seem worth living. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you don’t have to go through with any thoughts or feelings that you are currently experiencing, remember these are just thoughts they are not facts and you do not have to act on them.

That being said, I know how it feels to be in this excruciating mental pain, and I know what it feels like to act on the thoughts and nearly complete suicide. What I wish I had back when I made the near fatal attempt is some wise words, some hope. Click Here READ ME FIRST!! this website isn’t for distraction but to ask you to read it first before making any decision. To take a step back for a moment. Had I known about this website back then, would I have made the attempt, I don’t know.

Hope that this post and linked website is able to help when you are feeling distressed, overwhelmed and feel you have no way out.


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