People who are anxious or stressed out can fall into the trap of procrastination very easily, when problems or issues arise that have to be dealt with they tend to bury their head in the sand and hope for the problem or issue to go away. Problems and issues don’t go away and have to be dealt with, ignoring them can only cause them to get worse, and therefore the cycle continues and the depression and panic deepen.


Even though most can realise this they continue to fall into the trap of procrastination because it brings immediate relief and seems the easier choice. There are different types of procrastination but they always overlap into one of four themes, self doubt, discomfort dodging, guilt driven and habitual.



People who self doubt always feel that there are high standards that must be adhered to, their main fear is that they will fail. Its the fear that is driving them to always self doubt and second guess themselves and they will always delay taking action.


Discomfort dodging


People who discomfort dodge will avoid any situation, activity experience that will cause distress, anxiety or discomfort. Unfortunately it causes the problem to get worse.
Guilt driven


People who are guilt driven will always feel guilty that they havent been able to complete tasks, but instead of just doing the task at hand they will continue to procrastinate so they do not have to face up to the guilt they feel.



This is when procrastination has become habitual a way of life, with dealing with or rather not dealing problems, the person no longer has to give it any thought, it is now just an automatic response.


Breaking the habit of procrastination.

Breaking the habit wont be a easy thing to do and wont be something you can overcome with a good nights sleep. There are several tasks you can you to help you break the habit, you may find only one may help or that they all may help, you can even decide and make up some of your own to help you. Here are some good ideas and a place to start are:

* Making lists – make a list of everything that needs to be accomplished, it doesnt matter if they are organised or not as long as you put everything down that needs taking care of

* Prioritise – once you have made a list then put them in order of when they are due, for example when a bill should be paid and write them down on a calendar where you will see them

* Get a big calendar – choose a calendar where you can write down notes at the side of important dates or things which need your immediate attention and put it somewhere where you can see it on a daily basis

* Fill the calendar – keep filling the calendar with things that need your attention until you have set aside a time to take care of each problem. Allow for any delays and make sure you have plenty of time, when you have done this, you can relax knowing that you will be able to accomplish everything

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