Letting go of emotional suffering.

Feeling extreme emotions is typical for a person with BPD. A way of letting go of the emotional suffering is by using mindfulness.

Using the What Skill ‘Observe’ Observe the emotion and notice its presence, taking a step back and allow yourself to become unstuck from the emotion.

Using the What Skill ‘Describe’ Experience the emotion as a wave so coming and going, in and out. Try not to block or suppress the emotion, nor try to get rid or push it away. Don’t try to keep the emotion around or hold on to it and don’t amplify it. Label the emotion as it is.

Using the What Skill ‘Participate’ Remember you are not your emotion, you do not necessarily have to act on the emotion. Remember times with you have felt different.

Practice loving your emotion by not judging the emotion, practising willingness and radically accept the emotion is there.

Source: Linehan, M. Skills training manual for treating borderline personality disorder. 1st. New York, NY: The Guilford Press, 1994. Print.

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