There are many cognitive distortions, the few that are listed are often experienced by people with BPD.

Black and white thinking – All or nothing, splitting using terms such as always, never and every. no shades of grey.
Overgeneralisation – Making conclusions on a single bit of evidence, using this evidence to form new conclusions that if it happens once that it is going to happen again and again.
Catastrophising – Making larger conclusions about an event, that something worse is going to happen. seeing things on a larger scale and being unable to see the situation in any other aspect. Making experiencing the event most unpleasant as possible.
Emotional Reasoning – Believing emotions are facts. Basing the situation on negative emotions, thinking something is true because of the emotions.
Should Statements – “should” is doing or expecting others to do something whether or not it is a correct thing to do. A person “should” have been on time, no matter what.
Blaming – holding others personally for taking responsibility of the situation and not taking any responsibility of their actions and behaviours
Always being right – Putting self before others feelings.
Mind reading – Using another persons thoughts and actions to predict their own thoughts and beliefs. Expecting the worse without actually speaking to said person.
Fortune Telling – Believing that due to past events that the same is going to happen again. negative thoughts and events. Being sure that something is going bad is going to happen for anything happens.

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